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  1. Habitat improvements breathe new life into the River Avon
  2. Illegal anglers caught in a net by the Environment Agency
  3. Early warning could have saved fish
  4. EAW Members not wanted?
  5. Environment Agency tackles even more rod licence cheats
  6. Tees Barrage
  7. WAG on Access
  8. The Bad and other News
  9. Anglers call on Canoe Union to be realistic
  10. UK bass stocks collapsing
  11. Dovey Area
  12. Dead fish in the River Ely being investigated
  13. Angling Unity Update
  14. Prime Minister embarrassed over disabled rod licence rise
  15. ACA Update
  16. RIBA to host debate on the future of Lake Windermere
  17. Severn angling ban - the thin end of the wedge
  18. Boscastle salmon boost
  19. ACA Update 2
  20. messages of support against Severn angling ban
  21. Dam breach report due out
  22. Eftta Shocked By Cormorant Impact On Fish Stocks
  23. Cormorants
  24. Construction resumes on the River Frome fish pass project
  25. Deal to secure future of historic Severn fishery
  26. Fisherman fined for illegal net
  27. We Are Losing Our Bass Stocks
  28. European Parliament Decides Against A Lead Ban
  29. 20,000 fish die in River Trothy tributary
  30. Dead fish in a River Wye tributary being investigated
  31. Agency investigating Cleddau pollution
  32. Envirnoment Agency Gauge - Dovey
  33. Environment Agency calls for partnership work to protect salmon and sea trout
  34. Rivercall service providing level best for anglers in Wales
  35. Keighley Man Fined
  36. Guilty pleas after fish theft swoop
  37. Fishing without a licence costs Derby man over £500
  38. River Thames fish are made to measure up
  39. Research sheds light on impacts of flood on fish
  40. Salmon and the Seal at the Barrage
  41. Seal Diet
  42. New head of fisheries
  43. Eftta Welcomes Formation Of The Angling Trust In The UK
  44. Liquid coolant spill into the Tamar estuary
  45. ACA News Update
  46. New weir boost for Brown Trout on River Lee
  47. European Grayling Festival – River Dee 29 & 30 November 2008
  48. Natural England: Marine & Coastal Access Bill
  49. River recovery 'dampened by rain'
  50. River Severn EA Workshops
  51. An English Anglers Trust
  52. Sale of Salmon & sea trout Banned
  53. New legislation consultation.
  54. Environment Agency web site
  55. The Clwyd and Conway Rivers Trust
  56. Fish for the Future Newsletter
  57. New look rod licences
  58. Tywi Nets Buy-out???
  59. Loughor Estuary barrage plans refloated
  60. Norwegian Paradox
  61. Anglers’ fury with derisory sentencing of poachers
  62. First Prosecution Under New Salmon Byelaw
  63. EA Recruiting Enthusiastic Anglers - North East
  64. Renewing your licence
  65. Canoeists Battle for Welsh Rivers Access
  66. Worth noting
  67. The Thing
  68. Research on declining chalk stream salmon
  69. Your Licence, Your Money
  70. Canoe Access - New EDM to Parliament
  71. Finding Sanctuary
  72. 100% catch and release
  73. Help please?
  74. Angling Participation Survey
  75. Support for Welsh Rivers
  76. Free local angling guide for Midlands rod licence holders
  77. New ponds mean even more baby fish from Calverton Fish Farm
  78. A new book to get you hooked on angling!
  79. Wild Fishing Wales
  80. The natural environment … what’s your line?
  81. Salter Stands Firm on Canoe Access
  82. Cleaner Seine hosts salmon again
  83. Incident – Fish Kill River Dore
  84. EAW query about red vent syndrome
  85. Environment Agency finds piranha in Devon river
  86. The CEFN Conwy Project
  87. EA and DNA
  88. Panorama-Britains Dirty Beaches 07/09/09
  89. GCOF & RDT Stavanger Event
  90. On-Line Charity Auction
  91. Golf course damaged water vole habitat
  92. Major pollution incident on the Trent
  93. Floating islands save fish
  94. By-laws On Fish Thefts And Progress On Article 47
  95. Marine and Coastal Access Bill to become law
  96. Real Bailiff on display!!!
  97. Tees Barrage cage
  98. River Taff
  99. Hundreds of flooded homes evacuated in Cumbria
  100. Consultation on Net and Trap Licences and Authorisations
  101. Early Christmas stocking for the River Soar
  102. Atrazine
  103. Early Christmas stocking for River Itchen
  104. Early Christmas stocking for the River Erewash
  105. Early Christmas stocking for Burton on Trent
  106. Ocean acidification: An underwater time-bomb
  107. Wye & Usk Foundation News Update
  108. Severn Tidal Power Feasibility Study – December 2009 update
  109. Environmental Risk Assessments of pyrethroid sheep dip must be disclosed in full
  110. New fisheries byelaws to protect fish stocks
  111. Ancient pastime of angling thriving in times of thrift
  112. EA fishing returns for 2008.
  113. Access by Agreement or Dictat?
  114. Salter Pledges To Help Bring Back Living Seas
  115. Environment agency and natural England given new enforcement powers
  116. Government publishes UK Marine Science Strategy
  117. Politicians Fish For 3 Million Votes
  118. £25 million boost for anglers thanks to record rod licence sales
  119. River research at Scottish Conference could shed light on massive decline of Scottis
  120. End of the Line
  121. Wales Today News
  122. One of Wales' oldest traditions called to assist with new scientific research.
  123. Government in the Dock over 'Illegal' River Basin Plans
  124. Angling research into the Social and Community Benefits of Angling,
  125. Gamekeepers boost rare birds
  126. Fish Legal appalled by water companies avoiding proper regulation of sewage discharge
  127. Plans for Irish Sea wind farms off Anglesey on show
  128. Salter Signs Off With a Blast at Cormorant and Otter Predation
  129. Britain's wildlife - birds, mammals and insects under threat
  130. EA to cease funding net buy-out on the Camel
  131. UK faces legal action from Europe over sewage pipes
  132. Guardian Newspaper
  133. Inquiry into Access to Inland Water in Wales
  134. EA's New River Level Service
  135. Severn Salmon Redds
  136. Environment Agency Wales carries out fish rescues due to dry conditions
  137. Vyrnwy estate around Lake Vyrnwy up for sale
  138. Legal Loophole Lets Poachers off the Hook
  139. Insect and fungi to tackle knotweed in Wales
  140. £70m tidal power scheme goes on display in Anglesey
  141. Environment Agency investigating fish kill in Cornwall river
  142. 'First' sudden oak death cases on private land in Wales
  143. Killer Shrimp Alert
  144. Archimedias Screw in a River
  145. Severn Barrage Scrapped
  146. Angling Trust to Fill Gap Left by Axed Statutory Committees
  147. Wye asks to go it alone
  148. EAW SW Wales News
  149. £1,000 reward for information on Conwy poachers
  150. EA investigates spawning damage + shrimps
  151. North Wales Fisheries Byelaws
  152. Wye & Usk Update - C&R on its way?
  153. New CCW Consultation
  154. Hydropower - Enough is Enough says Fisheries Bodies
  155. Forrestry Commission and angling leases
  156. salmon compulsory catch and release 2011
  157. Invasive species have a 'delayed legacy', says report
  158. Catch returns
  159. Sharp rise reported in Scots fish lice chemical
  160. Proposed hydro scheme at Radyr Weir on the River Taff
  161. Results of Local Fisheries Advisory Group consultation on bye law changes
  162. Environment Agency Fails to Stop Salmon Disappearing from Dartmoor
  163. Pearl mussel conservation project reaches next stage
  164. Hunt widens for 'killer shrimp' in Wales
  165. Wuf Newsletter 2011
  166. The EA Severn Salmon Spawning report 2010
  167. River Wnion - Dolgellau
  168. Seven Bulletins published by River Dee Biologists
  169. Hugh's Fish Fight - Support needed today!
  170. Council taken to court over ‘disturbing fish’ in River Conwy
  171. Half a million tonnes of sewage kill thousands of fish on Tidal Thames
  172. Fishermen Angry At Rejection of Application for Bye-law
  173. Cornwall's Fowey river threatened by fishfarm.
  174. Report Your Sightings of Cormorants and Goosanders!
  175. EA Hydropower Best Practice Guidelines Review.
  176. Atlantic Salmon Trust welcomes Greenland’s decision on salmon catches
  177. Anglers on the Wye must return all the salmon they catch or risk a substantial fine
  178. Anglers on the Taff must return all the salmon they catch or risk a substantial fine
  179. Anglers off the hook
  180. 116/11 - report poaching.
  181. Crackdown on fish poaching in Wales nets 139 arrests
  182. NRW Illegal Netting Arrests
  183. Fines for river Neath poachers
  184. The Welsh Assembly would like your views on the NRW
  185. Sea trout stock performance in Wales 2014
  186. Time to have your say
  187. Improving Smolt Survival On The Agenda for 2017 Conference
  188. New research finds salmon farming contributes to sea lice infestation on sea trout
  189. Just a thought if the NRW proposals are implemented.