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  1. Campaign For The Protection Of Welsh Fisheries
  2. Compulsory C&R and FERACW/08/07
  3. DIY River Management / Improvement
  4. Managment Meeting on theTees
  5. Compulsory C&R for Salmon
  6. Fly Boards
  7. thought this might be of interest to someone
  8. Catch and release first resort or last resport?
  9. Catch and release first resort or last resort?
  10. How does your club improve the spawning areas?
  11. Salmon and ST season dates and restrictions The Logic??
  12. Wish they would listen
  13. Davidson will stand down in 2011
  14. Tywi Seine nets
  15. Where are the Severn Enforcement Officers
  16. For The Urgent Attention Of All Anglers
  17. An idea - a National Riverwatch scheme
  18. A lot of reading but some solid facts
  19. Proposed Irish fishing byelaws 2009
  20. what the ????
  21. EA New Year Sales
  22. What we already know about salmon farms!
  23. The LISTENING EA!!!
  24. Conservation~ist < zoo-keepers >
  25. Water Framework Directive: Consultation
  26. River Access Consultation.
  27. EA telephone survey.
  28. Catch returns 2009
  29. EA licience, value for money or time they went?
  30. EA Online Renewal Of Rod Licence Fiasco!!!
  31. How we can influence the EA
  32. North Wales Fisheries Byelaws
  33. Scottish Environment Protection Agency - Biomonitors
  34. River Bailiffs
  35. Illegal Netting in Menai Straits (Penmon)
  36. Fish counters and illigal netting
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  38. Application for a licence to kill/take Cormorants/ Herons/ Goosanders/ Mergansers
  39. National angling survey