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  1. An Ultimate Buying Guide To The Best Kayak Seats For The Money

    If you are not one of the very few paddlers who are serious about their kayak seats, there is a chance that you have already ignored the matter that almost half of the mobility and comfort you expect from your kayak rides depends on the seat you are on. Best Kayak SeatsIt is true how enjoyable your kayak rides will be depends on the kayak itself, but you cannot simply overlook or underestimate the comfort under your couch that a well-crafted kayak seat is going to offer, especially on long fishing ...
  2. Back home

    Just arrived home from Norway, work not fishing sadly, getting the garden out of the way and then it's a month of fishing fingersz crossed
  3. fish of a life time ? or not

    Just got back from the bend pool in the dwyfor,
    put on a large tube first cast hooked into what i thought was a monster fish it took me in to midle of the pool and stayed deep,
    my haert was racing ,
    i kept on telling myself take you time youv got all night to land this,
    15 mins later it took me under some over hanging trees, i turned on my led lights to see if it was coming out and thank god it did,
    i turned the light back off and the fight continued ,
    5 ...
  4. River Till

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    I fished Redscar last night with 3 mates John, Jim and Gregor. We were on the water just after 7pm. I headed to the Summerhouse stream with Jim who had never managed to land a Sea Trout yet, John lad went up the pipe line and Gregor started just above Barclays. Hopes were high a nice warm overcast evening and the river running just below 6". I put Jim through Summerhouse encouraging him all the way he was rewarded with 2 savage takes which didnt hook up, a good start I then had a quick run
  5. River annan

    Hey everbody,well had another night on the Annan last night once again on the hoddam stretch,when i got the river looked perfect water a nice height and colour 8ins below the spinning mark on the bridge,started above the golf course in the dub pool and fished right down too the dukes pool saw a few fish in all the pool's i fished but never touched a thing all night not to worry thought there's always next time
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