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North West Bye Laws

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  • North West Bye Laws

    The attached pdf contains the full byelaws
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    Border Esk byelaws

    Can anyone help with this?

    There is reference continually to Border Esk Byelaws being applicable only to "Upper Esk". An Ordnance survey grid reference is given, but in laymans terms, what is the geographical boundary (i.e. place names)?

    I would have thought all of the Upper Border Esk is in Scotland.

    The byelaw of no retaining female salmon after september is totally unworkable in practice and may (and has) lead to prosecution of keen but novice salmon anglers. Identification/sexing of fresh salmonids is not an appropriate duty to invest upon unqualified persons.

    And if the EA says you need a licence, why do thaey not enforce/police this ??

    Any ideas anyone?


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      What, no answers?

      Seems a bit sad that no EA staff can answer questions..... hey, at least one of you promised a reply through your manager!
      Laws relating to fisheries are generally well intentioned.
      BUT, they must be clear, widely acknowledged and clearly understood before they can be appreciated, accepted and then enforced.
      Bit like the Hunting with Dogs Act?
      Since nobody even yet seems to know if you need to posess an EA migratory licence to fish the Border Esk yet, additional byelaws just bring the whole management of this fine river into confusion, disrepute, and an excuse for angling anarchy.
      Any ideas?


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        you need rod licence for the whole of the border esk top to bottom


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