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Where are the Welsh Dee Grilse.

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  • Where are the Welsh Dee Grilse.

    I have spent quite a few hours on the Welsh Dee in the last few weeks, expectant to see some Grilse - but i haven't seen a fish? A friend has seen 3 on Maellor water, but it seems very very slow.

    Surely they should be there in numbers now?

    I know that Sewinbasher has had few fish reported, but nowhere near what is expected.

    Does anyone know how the Chester trap is fairing or are the Grilse not going to show in numbers this year?

    It is worrying, i just hope that the next few big tides they will start to run in numbers, more than likley after the season has closed.


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    I'm not really fishing the Dee this year, gave up my Maelor ticket last year, 2 salmon for 15 days+ fishing is not sufficient return in my book.

    Anyway, I do hope it improves, but I've not heard of any more fish about on the middle river where a friend of mine has access to two private beats. He had a 13lber about a month ago, since then nothing.

    A rod at Argoed who was in double figures this time last year is on zero.

    Five years ago by now, these middle beats would be consitently full of fish (well as full as you can get south of Scotland) with a typical day seeing a couple of fish or three landed (to say 4 rods) and about ten fish show. Now it just seems dead. I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic.

    I'll send you a PM about the weir.



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      They are probably the same place as everbody elses grilse! Wherever that maybe.



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        A member of ours had three grilse and a 2SW from the Newbridge area today and lost another 2SW. We also had a 2SW near Corwen yesterday and a few more were taken near Corwen on other beats so there are a few about but not nearly as many as there should be.


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          Spoke to the EA this afternoon, the rumours surrounding the big Salmon and big sea trout in the river are rubbish! There have been good fish, but not the rumoured estimated weights!

          Anyway i was told that the run of msw fish is still ok, but the Grilse are again late, and are below the norm, they hope the situation will improve this coming week.



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            the towy is the same, this time last year there were grilse everywhere, this year is pretty appalling to say the least, there has been a few fish coming out, but they just arnt there in theie usual numbers? are they late or are they being slaughtered by the boats, seals dolphins etc in the sea before they even get here? I have been waiting for this month for ages and am so disapointed so far, fingers crossed for the next 2 weeks.


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