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Spinning for Sea Trout in the Salt

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  • Spinning for Sea Trout in the Salt

    I was wondering what people thought was a good rod and reel combination for using to fish lures for sea trout in the sea. I will be going primarily for bass on the North Norfolk coast but wouldn't mind a shot at the odd sea trout. Will the same rod be suitable for both. People spinning for sea trout appear to use longer rods than those used by bass fishers. .

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    10ft diawa whisker spinning rod and shimano 6000 baitrunner - does the job for me


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      I've found for seatrout I need a rod with a softer tip than I did for pike or perch or other predators I spun for. The rod needs to absorb the hit and the jumps the trout will make. I've lost less on the initial hitting of the lure than before since changing to a softer tipped rod.


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        It's been a real eye opener fishing the tidal estuary of my local river Ribble, not just in the way of catches - I wish- but more in the way of sights seen ie frustrated blanks! I live well down the estuary (Lytham/Ansdell) and have limited success 'spinning' the estuary, along with the occasional use of the 9wt fly rod. (Take a google look at the scale of the estuary I'm talking about, and factor in the shallowness and prevailing winds across this massive area of 'golden' sand) The black flying 'c' in 21g or 25g with a silver blade has been my best weapon by far, taking many bass (mostly schoolies) some sea trout and the very occasional salmon/grilse.

        Due to the nature of the area and prevailing conditions we have virtually no 'clear' water fishing, in fact rarely anything like it, instead it's 99% heavy suspended sand and solids due to the shallowness and large tidal range. I most often fish a very fast 9ft spinning rod (Okuma Octana 10-35g, a cheapo from GAC) with suitably long casting plugs ('hard plastics') on 20lb braid with a 3ft leader of 16lb flourocarbon (fc knot) for the hoped for bass, and change spools to fish the good old fc on 12lb suffix mono when I see the rums of ST heading up river. Clutch is set to give on an overly hard rip of the rod tip but not to 'give' on a good cast.

        Works for me so far.....
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