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Woodmill Pool Swaythling

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    Originally posted by bungle View Post
    Hi Alwyn,
    There must be a problem with the sluices........this needs sorting as its impossible for the fish to settle(and to fish) when the gate fully opens and then fully closes every 5 minutes.....
    I will speak to Julie Goodwin on Monday to find out whats going on.

    PS ..Did you manage to catch a few?

    Yes - see my report above. I got 3 and lost one and we ended up with 7 fish to 5lbs between 3 of us. I'm glad to hear that the open and closing of the sluice is unusual as it really made the fishing that bit more complicated.


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      Sorry Alwyn,
      I didn't see your report above.....Well done getting a few..



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        Hi All who fish Woodmill pool,

        WEll Ian you are right it was the same.We had the most stressfull night ever at Woodmill.
        We only managed 1 fish at least 8.5lb plus (decide yourself when i post the picture later ) and I lost 1 small one .in a clump of weed.This was as the tide was dropping.Once the tide dropped thats when we had our job cut out, it was impossible to fish the pool, only 1 part was fishable we we had to implement a rosta system to do this.We had a few more takes but didnt connect.

        This has got to be sorted!!

        In the morning we spoke to Dean and the EA who turned up, He said that the centre and side sluice were being repaired and would not be ready till the middle of July, and also that they would try to regulate the flow, but he didn't sound confident.Dean said send David Drew e-mails or telephone him regarding our concerns and perhaps this will get the management and the EA into gear. come on chaps all get emailing his contact details are listed below.

        I,m sure some of you have other dates, I have 9th July if i arrive and it has not been sorted i will ring Dean to survey the situation to cancell it.If all of you who are fishing also state this: David might get his act together knowing that they will lose revenue.

        This is a fantastic place to fish, but management is letting us down.

        I Hope it works.

        David Drew

        Operations Manager

        SWAC and Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centres & Canoe Shop

        Sport and Recreation Services

        Southampton City Council


        T: 02380 915759 (SWAC)

        T: 02380 915747 (Woodmill)

        M: 07747 037058
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          Hi Les,

          I fished it last night - I couldn't agree with you more!!

          The problem is to do with the sluice - it kicks in and out intermittently all night. When it kicked in, the pool started to resemble the equivalent of the wash coming from the propeller of a big ship!!! (in low tide, that is, in high tide, it wasn't so obvious.)

          When the sluice stopped, the whole place quietened down for 5 or so minutes - and this was the best time to try and get a line out, before the wash from the sluice then kicked in again!!

          I did catch two - around 2 - 3 lbs and one other was caught, but it got really quite disheartening.

          Whilst this was the first time I've fished it, I was with two friends who had fished it before - and they said they had never known it so bad!!!

          I will be contacting the names you suggest, as I have a second night booked in July and if it's still like this it will be poor.

          We all need to contact them with our concerns!!!
          Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)
          Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you'll lose him at the weekends. (Alternative version....)


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            Hi silverflash,
            I'm sending an email now,don't forget to mention that you may cancell your next visit if it is not sorted, the more the merrier


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              Large seatrout

              here is the picture
              Attached Files


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                I tied to contact Dave Drew yesterday,but couldn't get through,i then tried to get Julie in the office,but she was in a meeting all day.I did bring it to there attention in the office though,and they said that they were not aware of the problem..
                I will try again today!

                This is frustrating, as it could be a world class fishery if it was run better.



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                  Hi ian,
                  That's Bxxxxxcks, We spent an hour talking to the EA and Dean ,they are fully aware. Please send David an email before you speak to him cause Dean said the more emails he recieves he will have to act!
                  I,ll Keep you posted if I hear anything
                  Many Thanks


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