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    Aw poo! The autocorrect is running rampant on my mobile! :/
    It should read cnr and carcas sandmartin! Soz


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      Have no fear, the sight of carcasses does not in anyway offend me. I.m not actually a great fan on c&r although accept it as necessary in SOME rivers. I have just eaten a significant portion of a 3lb sea trout from the north of Scotland and think that eating some of the fish I catch makes fishing better for me. What I had in mind was a debate on the pro,s and cons but I did not think this was the right thread for it. Crewefisher posted some nice pics and his thread has been somewhat high jacked!


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        I find myself astounded that people think you can harm a well managed river with what you catch on rod and line. Some people need to broaden they're horizons and look at the bigger. It obviously isn't rod and line that is damaging our stocks. I think if the fish you kill end up on your table then take what you want according to the rules.


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          Well done on the catch mate, long may it continue��


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            Ethics on number of Sea Trout retained.

            It's up to the individual how many fish he retains, however, I personally never take more than a brace in any one session.

            I was once lucky to catch 17 in a session, however, I only took a brace for the table; I was questioned, regarding why I did not take any more!

            If the fishery management allow x - fish to be retained per session, they may need to question their ethics and, indeed culture!

            I think we are all quite lucky to fish for these wonderful specimens and suggest we endeavour to help retain the Sea Trout and Salmon runs.



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