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    Towy Flies

    Alright chaps. I will be fishing the lower beats of the Towy in 2 weeks. Looking for fly choice and any advive on set up etc. The beat will either Be Llandelio or beats lower down. Mark
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    Nymphs with rubber legs

    If any of you have watched Distance and delicacy. Henrick uses Nymphs with rubber legs. He is fishing the RIO GRANDE. Has anyone used these on British waters? Thinking of tying a couple up for this season. Any thoughts??
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    Lamson Velocity v3 plus spare spool

    As new. Boxed. Both have backing and fly line. Rio 8 weight I think. And the spare spool has a 7 weight inter on it. Great reel. Just never gets used. Would like £190 but open to offers
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    xp,lamson, greys

    I have a few items of tackle for sale. I have placed them on ebay. So if you are interested pm me or bid on ebay. Sage xp. 10ft 6# This rod is as new. £300 Lamson lite speed LS2. 24/1000 made. (stampted) Mint, as new. £160 Greys G-lite and spare spool. Used. Few marks. Spool mint. Complete...
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    The towy 12th - 18th june

    Hi fellas, and Daz! I am fishing the Towy next week. I think sat nite 12th is the nite as far as metcheck says, thats the best night before more rain is due??? Stump, if your knocking about? Daz, im sure Andy will ring you about it. Unsure of the beat that i will be on. Poss Llandillo or if my...
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    River temperature in your river

    The title says it all really. Would like to see what temperature the water is in your local river at this time of year. Will be going up to my local river to take the temperature tomorrow as its been at a steady height for a few days. Conwy (north wales)is my local river. Please leave river...
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    Forsale Vw Caddy Tdi 52plate

    For Sale. 52 Reg Vw Caddy 1.9 Tdi 63000 Miles Full Vw Service History Just Serviced £260 Ply Lined, Roof Bars, Em, Ew, Cd Flame Red £2600
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    Which patterns for the towy?

    Hiya lads. Im off to fish the Towy in june. Can anyone give me some good patterns and sizes to tie them in please. :D
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    Fish of the year?

    There are fishing hoildays and fishing days and trips that are memorable for alsorts of reasons. PBs are always up there. I had a fantastic trip to france about 5 years ago where i saw my mate land a 55lbs common carp. Mint fish. I myself had a awsome catch. 45.12 mirror. What was your fish of...
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    Setting Targets

    Each year i set myself a Target for Seatrout and Salmon. Does anyone else do this? What Targets did you set last year? I you reach them? What Targets have you for next year? Last year i wanted 20 Seatrout and 5 Salmon. I failed. I had 19 Seatrout and 6 Salmon. In a way i did meet the Target...
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    Tenby Near the Towy?

    Hi. I have the chance to go to Tenby for a weeks hoilday in june. I would love to fish the Towy aswel. How far is the Towy away from Tenby? Also what sort of money are they asking for a night on the Towy? Is it Golden Grove being the cream of beats? Any advice welcome.
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    Patent a fly?

    To start just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all the members. My wife got me thinking to wether you can actually Patent a fly? My 'Black Night' fly that i entered into the comp last year has done great on welsh and scotish rivers. I have had a look and i cant say for sure...
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    Grayling. Where to start?

    :confused: Please go easy on me. I have done very little grayling fishing. When i do go i struggle to catch. What sort of water am i looking for? Fast streamy water? Depth? Fly and leader set up? Do i fish for them like salmon, down and accross or upstream or dead drifting? I know that trying...
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    Newbie beat Annan

    Just a quick message to see if any of you fine fellows on this forum fishes the newbie beat. I am in the middle of purchasing a week (i hope) and would like a chin wag with anyone who can offer some info on the beat. I have fished it once before and took a spring salmon of 9 lbs. Just waiting to...
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    Freezing our catch

    :confused: Every now and then the situation may arise that we may have to freeze our catch before they are gutted. Has anyone got any views on this? Is the taste any differant when semi thawed then gutted? How long can we get away with the fish in the freezer? Wanting sea trout or salmon for...