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    Tippet material

    Can anyone recommend a good tippet material? Currently using fulling Mill fluorocarbon but a little wary of the knot strength for droppers. What's everyone using?
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    Last night😠😠

    Ever really looked forward to a night's fishing after putting miles of legwork in and it turning out to be a damp squib. There was a upstream wind for more than 3/4 of the beat I wanted to fish. Line wouldn't even come round. Had to hand line nearly all the casts I made. Missed one good pull...
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    Advice on new rod

    Hi guys, I'm looking at a new rod for round about 150 to 200 but haven't a clue what to get. 10ft 7wt or 10 1/2ft would be better with a through action..... Any ideas what to look for, cheers guys.