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Thread: Nith, 2018

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    Default Nith, 2018

    Not sure why I'm starting this thread tbh, been hard going the last few years with most nights going by without even hearing a splash never mind hooking a sea trout, but the ticket has been bought and here goes another season.

    Been out four times to date and yet to hook even a parr, there does seem to be a shortage of smaller stuff in the river as well. First night out I did hear/see three sea trout splash but the other three nights has been deathly silent.

    The river is low and clear so have been trying to spot fish but apart from the odd one or two here and there it really as been a poor start to the season, hopefully as we move further into June things will start to improve and us Nith fishers will get a bit of sport.

    The Hut pool as the light starts to fade.
    IMG_20180607_215135662 (2).jpg

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    Good to hear from you Tote. The Nith is a beautiful river, it would be rear to see it return to former glory...

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