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    a season of SWFFing around the NY coast

    Link to a film on Hatches site of a guys season around Long Island and the like , striped bass in shoals I cannot imagine seeing here , watch and drool ...
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    hooks a go go

    I posted a link to this place already but these particular size 8 bronzed o'shaunessy's would make a great lure hook for tying , with that straight eye...... and cheap ! As the duckling said to the chicken :p
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    all quiet on the website front ....

    Well , forum rather than website but that doesnt have the same ring to it . Been away as per usual and have come back to a very , very quiet forum ....whats going on guys ? This used to be a vibrant , choc a block place ! Now I go days between seeing new posts ! Now , I realise that me being...
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    wanted - speedex geared fly reels - dead or alive

    I have put a "wanted" in the for sale section but I dont know how many people trawl that so I will add a bit here.... due to a progressive hand disability I am finding it difficult to reel in even large arbor reels and so have started using my old gearfly and speedex reels, I find them easier...
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    Wanted - geared fly reels

    Anyone out there have any old youngs/shakespeare/daiwa speedex multiplier fly reels,any condition ? Also gearfly....... .....I have a progressive hand disability and am finding it hard to wind in regular,even large arbor, reels . I find my old gearfly reel an easier ride but prefer the speedex...
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    identify my line

    Just got in from Padstow country fair, where I picked up a few bargains...amongst which was a WF line in bright yellow with a dark brown 10ft tip. Appears to be a float/sink tip of good quality. It came on a a spool,what appears to be a greys GRX (?) cassette , maybe a 5/6 size. Any ideas...
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    Happy birthday beanzy

    Have a good one mate....the weather up here on the moor looks like showers,maybe clearing later so possibly a birthday fish for you ???
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    Clear sili-legs alternative

    Found a product in the bead section of a craft shop - 10 metre spool of clear,elastic,0.6mm,round mono for around £1-80.It ties in well,takes permanent marker pen OK (better in the darker colours).I am told it is also available in flouro colours but I havent seen that yet.
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    This sunday Aldi have some fishing tackle,probably the best thing is the LED baseball cap with integral light..... £3.99. Also worth a look are their polaroid glasses,the box of lures (handy for sea and other high attrition...
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    Essential Fly....bunch Of Chancers!!

    ...good luck to em I spose,but their sili legs are bits of flexi floss,their "thorax magic tape" is plumbers PTFE and their blank buster flies are just regular floss thoraxes with PTFE under.Oh and their "suspender balls" (thats just begging for a double entendre!) are the polysterene packing...
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    ....I know they been mentioned before,but they have some very nice looking hooks for silly cheap..... thats the hook page,but the homepage is worth a look.....
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    Circle Hooks At Essential Fly

    The above mentioned company have Viper circle hooks in size 8 to 14 for 50 pence per pack of 25....damn cheap.So if your club has rules about circle hooks for worming,you want to put them on your spinners etc or you just want to tie on them,go get 'em while theres some left in the clearance...
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    Falkus And Bullers Freshwater Fishing Book

    For those of you that havent read or dont own a copy of this fine book,there seems to me a glut of them on e bay just now with some under a tenner delivered - for such a massive,comprehensive book thats good going since Coch-y-Bonddu are asking £35 plus for one. The book has some interesting...
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    Trout Flies Of Devon&cornwall Book 1847

    Found this on the google book project where they are putting books out of copyright online for free perusal or download...
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    Unattended lines,are they illegal?

    I just saw an ad on e bay for an automatic,spring loaded fishing device designed to be set up and left unattended,like an old fashioned nightline......I was under the impression that this kind of thing was no longer allowed in freshwater.....heres the link ...
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    Losing My Grip

    As the mass sniggering eventually subsides....... I am suffering from a progressive inability to grip smaller items and intense pain and muscle spasms if I loosely close my fist for more than a minute. I remember that in FF&FT a few years back Chas Jardine ( a lovely fellow by the way) did an...
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    Hardy Reel Choice Advice

    My sainted (yeah right!) grandfather George of Para Regt fame was my guiding light in angling and as soon as I could demonstratably swim I was given old.basic but servicable tackle to see how I took to his singular delight.Well 37 years later Im still at it,admitedly at a very reduced pace these...
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    shocker resurgans

    I spose I had better re introduce myself.....many of the more recent members will not know me and most of the older ones will have been only too glad to forget me:eek::D Kernow resident,fowey fisher,tyer of astoundingly ill advised flies and general layabout.Interests : shirking...
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    Giant crabs (dont start crockski!)

    Couple of big buggers found recently,one donated to a sea life centre (hooray) the other,the diver wot got it,killed for the table,see below these specimins are reckoned to be 50 yrs plus old.Now,Id have thought...
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    flextec.....any good?

    going cheap on e bay,lots of....anyone got experience?:confused: chiselling-cheap-as-chips shocksi:cool: