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    Default Barrio SLX Instead of Rio single handed Spey

    Just thought I would update on line choice having been fishing in the garden. After being made aware and hearing several recommendations for Barrio lines I contacted Mike Barrio by email explaining the pools I fish, the banks behind the cast and how I would prefer to cast. He replied within a short time and recommended a Barrio SLX would not only permit roll/Spey casting in some of the situations I mentioned, but it would also cast traditionally, shooting line with ease. So I ordered and the next morning a new line came with the post. Fantastic service. Itching to give it a go I set up the rod and went casting for worms on the lawn. It does everything! And though it’s only on grass, it seems to fall on the grass with the same impact of the DT it replaces. So roll on the silver fishes returning later in the year (please Lord) and getting down on the water to give it a go.(I saved 50 over the Rio as well)
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    I have an SLX 7 weight to go with my 10ft rod I use for sea trout. Its my favourite line, perfect for single handed spey casts. Presentation is really good as well.

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