As many of you who come to Ireland know, the great lakes of the west (and other Irish fisheries) are not in great heart. Most now accept that trout stocks in Mask, Carra and Corrib are at low levels, due to a variety of causes.

Recently, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) have moved away from hands on management, choosing instead to offer funding to external groups. Sadly, much of this is being poorly spent with limited resources often used to create infrastructure (boat docks, stiles,and the like) rather than on more directly beneficial stream enhancements and other stock protection measures. The petition below is an attempt by Dennis Moss (WTT v.president and well known author) and Larry McCarthy (Corrib boatman and conservationist) to make IFI take back in-house their responsibility for managing these world famous fisheries. The petition will be supported by extensive press coverage in Ireland, with several media outlets ready to run stories next week.

If you feel able to support this campaign, then please complete the on-line petition below. For those of you that are on-line savvy, then please feel free to post the link on the relevant forums, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

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