Out wi' my boys again.


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May 2, 2008
Mid Nithsdale
The local hotel which my oldest son supplies the rabbits for phoned last night asking for another eight so today Dylan, his youngest brother Brodie and I headed out to try and fullfill the order.

First up was a steepish bank in a wood that had a few rabbit holes in it, Blue marked the first bury so we set the nets entered both jills and stood back.

We didn't have to wait long untill we heard a rumble but soon after it went quiet, five minutes passed before two rabbits bolted out of the same hole. The first pursed the net and the second managed to evade the dog and found sanctuary in a nearbye bury. We got another two rabbits from this bury one bolted and the other had to be dug to.

Number one in the bag.

The next bury had about 25 holes when Dylan I were netting up Brodie was walking up and down the bank
looking for holes, I told him he had to be carefull not to trip over the dead branches that littered the ground.
Five minutes later I heard a thump then a crack as a branch broke, I looked up expecting to see Brodie lying
face down on the ground but it was Dylan who'd taken a tumble and was lying on his back looking skyward.

The second bury.

We got three rabbits out of this bury and all three bolted into the nets.

Brodie struggling to hold the wriggling jill.

We did a four holer next that Blue had marked and sure enough as soon as the albino jill was in the noise started
no bolt followed however and after giving it some time out came the locater which gave us a reading of three foot
and we broke through right on top of the jill and her rabbit.

Shed been hard at it.

We left the wood and went to do one last bury which lay underneath two hawthorn trees.
Not the easiest bit to get to.

Again we heard the rumble of a rabbit underground but once again it chose not to bolt so out came
the spade and we broke through to the poley jill and her rabbit at just over one foot.

The digging hadn't gone unnoticed by Brodie and he decided to do a bit himself.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to......

That's it son, you'll be doing it for me in a few years.

We ended up with eight rabbits, just what the hotel wanted.

Right wee man bring those rabbits over here to get gutted.

On the way back to the car Brodie decided to check how high his wellies were.


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Sep 6, 2009
Well done lads, looks like you had a good day, going by the numbers you catch , they must breed bloody rabbits