River Nith 2013


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Thomas wish you would stop taking pics of me Christ I am getting old and I have another birthday comming up tomorrow where have the years gone!!!:(
As I have said before lovely bit of water up there and really enjoy getting out with you tam ,pity there isn't more fish about it,
Was a walk down carnsalloch today same down on our stretch no fish and there was three or four anglers out flogging away, its sad :(
Shane how did you get on fishing the esk??? is it the same,
Thanks again tam for the night out hopefully we can put a few smiley faces on this nith thread after the next water,
speak soon jim.


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Happy birthday for tomorrow Jim!!

I had one small herling from the Esk, there is still afew about and apparently afew salmon have come in on the last rise.

I see more rain forecast for this week, so should bring more salmon in, I'm back up next weekend!!


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There are fish about, Haaf nets have been doing week by reports.

I have been at the caul two or three times this week and seen salmon on every occasion, including yesterday morning whe I saw herling and a good few grilse in about a 15 minute watch.

I was so enthused I took the single hander out and fished from the top of the DGAA back of wood, through the Burgh back of wood, Red Brew, Cairn Mouth and on to the Cant.

saw hee haw all the way and en last cast in the Cant, surprise surprise an offer which resulted in a 3lb 9oz grilse.

It took a size 10 Endrick spider on the dropper on 6lb nylon.

I was out for a couple of hours on Wednesday evening and also saw grilse but never touched anything. The usual suspects were out on Friday night and had a few herling between them but no sea trout.


Well done on the Grilse Stewart.

I took my youngest son Brodie down tonight, he had a few troot up to 10" on worm but lost either a small salmon or a grilse, had it on for about a minute but it threw the hooks.:(


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Great stuff!!!!!

That young lad of yours is getting a dab hand at the fishing :)
Wheres the pictures ?????
Its a rare sight anyone even hooking a fish on the nith there must be a picture ????

Well done that young man lets hope the next one stays on,

Jealous jim. :D
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Jim must've been really scunnered last night as he ended up giving me a bell then comming up to go fishing. We got down to the river just after 9pm and gave it our best shot fishing through four pools without touching anything bigger than a 6" troot. Did hear one sea trout splash in the Cloft but that was it and packed up at 11.30pm.
I don't know what Jim had been eating before he came up but I'm glad that I wasn't cooped up in an enclosed space with him last night, the word that best describes the situation was,- GADZ.:eek: